"Elspeth can’t get back soon enough… Ajani’s been acting crazy lately."

- Jace

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So now that we’re leaving the plane of Theros behind, I thought I’d make some more wallpapers for you folks (all 1600x900). We have the five major Gods, the allied color minor Gods, the enemy color minor Gods, all fifteen Gods, the five Theros block planeswalkers, and the exploits of Elspeth. Enjoy!

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 “““❖ ⊱  Rather carefully did his digits stroke
the flat of his blade in a brief inspection for
any grime or notches made in the metal
through battle.  Only upon nearing the quillon
did the Innistradi’s fingers brush against a
fragment of dried vitae that had caught in the
blade’s ornamental groves.  True, they had
been impractical but he sought something of
a finer element than the mundane sort many
of the younger races used.  Only that small
portion had been affected by the residue and
was swiftly cleaned off.

It was lucky for the Markov that this plane’s
night held its peace for he found focus and the
patience for the diligence needed to care for
his precious sword.  Even with the more
obscene stains gone from her surface, she
needed more care.  However even upon this
task Sorin had tensed upon the sensing of an
intrusion.  The pitch and citrine gaze trailing
along the outer walls of the makeshift hamlet.  
T’was not of their kinsfolk as he had initially

After a moment’s passing did he return
attentions to the sword, polishing it to a greater
shine.  One of the few possessions that he held
even from his second infancy.  She was a
precious thing and a gift bestowed by one even
more precious before she was lost.  And as though
lost in thought the Markov gave pause.  His hand
slid off from the blade with cloth and set it to his
side when the vampire again gave a wary glance
to his surroundings.  Perhaps this place was not
as tranquil as he thought, yet he had heard naught
of denizens that terrorize these folk in the deeper
parts of the night.

The knight held her sword close by her side as she walked along the gravel path. She often preferred these quiet moments of twilight to the day, filled with various duties and obligations to whichever noble hired her on this plane. So many comments about her ‘strange armor’ or ‘odd accent’ were whispered behind Elspeth’s back everytime she tried to make a home of a new plane. However she did not meet any of those during the night, Elspeth could be at peace with the her thoughts, the sounds of the path, and the slight smell of blood in the air… Wait that’s not right. 

A glint of white against the dark shadows caught her eye. The moonlight was strong enough for her to make out the shape of a man sitting on the ground. She saw some metallic armor in his clothing and white hair contrasted against the dark fabrics. Elspeth didn’t know if the blood was the figure’s or another’s so she slowly moved closer, hand on the hilt of her blade and body ready to strike if need be. If it was either an injured old man or a some sort of bandit, she should get their attention. From a few yards away the knight called, “Hello? Are you alright there?” 

Anonymous said: Elspeth venser on the cheek


Dead buddies! :D

  • athreos: what do we say to the god of death?
  • elspeth: heliod is a dick.

disheveledwisdom said: ✍ elspeth


the elipseth

askmelekparagon said: "Ridiculous outfit? Will not do. You shall dress you in finest armor of Izzet League (of course in our bright colors) so you can see and show which Guild is supreme!"



It took Elspeth nearly an hour to figure out exactly how to put on the strange Ravnican garb. And another hour more to properly align the armor onto her. 

It felt strange. The weight wasn’t balanced at all, the Mizzium didn’t seem to protect like steel, and the clothes were very bright and garrish compared to what she usually wears. 

Then she tried a simple spell, and holy hell it made a bang. 


"You look like a genuine Guildmage, miss Tirel. You may keep the armor as condolences from behalf of Izzet League and his Firemind for your untimely demise."

"Really, thank you. Tho I would not consider my skillset to be like that of an Izzet, this gift is much apprecated." 

askkrenko said: "Elspeth, we have discovered a sizable sum of money under your name on Bant, which, upon news of your death, is being prepared to be transferred to a charitable fund. Would you like me to arrange for this charitable fund to be those fighting for a Pure Mirrodin? I've got everything prepared, if you give the go-ahead."

Now how much… Hm… I was saving up at the time anyway plus all those years of interest… Oh my… 

Yes I would be glad to donate to the Mirran cause. 

askoglor-deactivated20140820 said: Is Oglor allowed to dig up your body for master?


My body can’t exactly be dug up anyway

blackrosespat said: Elspeth can you just planeswalk out of the underworld?

I’m honestly unsure about that. Dying took a lot out of me and I can barely feel any sort of mana down here in the underworld. 

I feel like… it’s a plane within a plane. 

askjelevanephaliasscourge said: you shall dress as a vampire from my plane. it will strike terror in your enemies.

I have this book! It’s awesome, so many MTG artists, too!



then I checked the date it was published and it was 2010 that explains all the alara


((So I bought a thing today)) 

((So I bought a thing today))