The best offense is a good defense.

Funny. It is usually the opposite for you.

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asktheunlivingooze asked: "Champion of the Sun, aye? Might you tell me of the Sun god?"

Heliod is a God. He brings sunlight to Theros. He represents justice and order and uses his spear to smite wrongdoers (or those he does not like).

Although all this information can be found in a public archive why ask me?

Anonymous asked: You have been cordially invited to the MTG AskBlog Ball. You are allowed a date if you so desire one. Please keep the rules in mind at all times. The ball is from the 15th to the 21st. It will be held through threads and through the MSPARP site. Enjoy!

Thank you for the invitation. I may not show up due to life getting in the way.

((Srsly I’ve been insanely busy with this HOPEFULLY being my last semester. If I could sleep in the art studio I probably would.))

ask-flinto-boros-champion asked: Hi Elspeth, it's me Tymaret the zombie murder king. can I feast on your flesh? Wait why am I asking, its not like you would put up much of a fight if I tried anyways. BYE

It seems the murder king has changed masks between the time of sending this message and my actually receiving it. 

Anonymous asked: Hi Elspeth, If you had to be in a guild what would you be in. (pick boros, that's my guild xD)

I’ve answered this question several times now and the answer still has not changed. 


Elspeth/Kiora high school AU, because I have completely lost control of my life.

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Elspeth Sun’s Champion


Elspeth Sun’s Champion

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Heliod has blessed me with two new weapons this day! My sword has been reforged into a mighty sword on a stick! Also my old sword handle has been reforged into a brand new short sword! I absolutely love them and can’t handled excitement right now!

So meet Neo Queen Serenity and Small lady!

I’m not sure how tall the spear is (I’m 5’7) I think around 10feet? No idea!



and on the bongos and vocals.. Xenagos

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This is all well and good, but I find it hard to believe they would just LET Xenagos into the band.

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((Surprise, bitches.))


((Surprise, bitches.))

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Anonymous asked: Not really an ask but Wow the mod is pretty

((damn right I am.

Thank you.))

No idea what my hair is doin but I kinda like it

((Yes I am totally vain enough to join in the posting of selfies even tho I haven’t been active at all))

Anonymous asked: Hark, for am I the smut peddler. Should you so desire, you will be sent a piece of smut in this very inbox – to accept this limited time offer, you need only reply as much and it will arrive within the next 24 hours. (Specific kinks will be worked in if specified and/or feasible).

I have no desire for such things.